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Oroku Edge Social Trading


Profit by copying skilled traders

How it works ?

The Follower selects a Master and decides the amount to invest. Once connected, the
Master's trades are automatically copied in real-time to the Follower's account, based on the amount invested.

Open an Account

Open an account and make a deposit in one of your trading accounts to be used as a source of funds for Copy Trade.

Choose a Master

Select from a list of available Master based on

their risk, profitability, and experience level.

Subscribe and Invest

Subscribe to a preferred Master's strategy, select

your investment source and amount. Proceed to subscribed to selected Master and Copy Trade away!

How it all comes together:

Terms and Conditions apply

Disclaimer: Trading Leveraged Products is risky. The product is available only to clients whose suitability will be assessed prior to participation. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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